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Strange Smaller Commercial Jet Flying Low Over Copenhagen City At Night?

Strange smaller commercial jet flying low over Copenhagen City at night?

Q: I have witnessed a smaller commercial jet flying low over Copenhagen city between 24.00 – 02.00 approximately for at least the last 5 days and maybe more. It tends to circulate in a perimeter of say 6 km and tends to fly around 6 full circled trips. I contacted the newspapers but came up with no answer. I have pointed out to friends who have also seen it and I am becoming quite concerned about this as it leaves many questions unanswered. I do hope that you in some way can explain this phenomenon….

A: Thank you for your question. Here is my qualified guess of what you have witnessed.

The Danish Police Authority in connection with the Military conducts observation flights using Military Helicopters, Military Challenger aircraft, and Military Britten Norman Islander aircrafts. The Military Challenger is probably what you call a smaller commercial jet.

I understand you have been in contact with an unspecified newspaper, and you did not get the answers you were looking for or expecting.

Well, I do not live in inner Copenhagen area, but in all the newspapers that I read, there have been numerous articles about and/or explaining your observations. In several daily news programs on DR and TV2 it has also been mentioned and explained, so I am really wondering over your speculations. It is no secret what is going on.

You say you are curious and becoming concerned, as it leaves so many unanswered questions.

As you probably also know or at least are aware of, is that in Copenhagen, and several places all over Denmark there are a war between gangs going on.

There are daily examples of shoot-out between these gangs, which often involves innocent citizens getting critical hurt in the shoot-outs.

For that reason the Police has decided to carry out observations flights, in order to minimize the possibility of shoot-outs, and hurting someone.

You further write, you hope that Spørg-piloten have some form of contact that can explain this phenomenon.

Did you expect a personal letter from the Director of Copenhagen Police informing you and your friends? Or should some of the generals from either US or UK inform you about Special Forces Operations around the globe in order to fight IS, Taliban, or the drug war ? I think we, as “normal” people have to accept that there are things going on (to protect us) that we are best not to know the full details about.

When I some years ago stayed for 3 weeks in Belfast, Northern Ireland,  I can tell you there was helicopter activity with heavy searchlight going on all evening and nights. Nobody except IRA was questioning that!

In order to give your further information about the ongoing situations and observation flights I suggest you contact either , that is the mail address of Police Intelligence Service, or you can reach the Management of the Danish Police on the following address

But I honestly don’t think you will ever get to the bottom of your concern, speculations or assumptions.

On behalf of spørg piloten and with kind regards

Svend Lindboel



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